Here are some of the treatments which may help

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New Patients

We always welcome new patients as they provide us with new challenges. As a new patient your initial appointment will be for 1½ hours which will give us time to thoroughly examine your teeth, take any appropriate x-rays and get to know you and your dental needs. One of my Practice consultants will discuss the specific findings of my examination with you at some length. She will also be able to inform you of the timing and subsequent costs of any dental treatment you may require. We will also follow up in writing all our findings to clarify anything that may have arisen from your initial visit.
The first new patient appointment is completely free (there may be a fee should you need extra xrays, medication or treatment). This will include oral health check with cancer check, followed by consultation and routine x-rays together with a follow up letter detailing our findings, recommended alternatives and costs.



Your children´s teeth need to be cared for from an early age because prevention is so much better than cure. Ideally, they need to make their first visit from the age of 2 years. We take special care to make the experience an enjoyable one. If they do need treatment, it will be completely painless. All children leave the practice with a smile having had a happy experience - this has to be seen to be believed.
Come and watch a Children Exam Session - it is never too early to start…… These sessions are specifically set up for children and are arranged outside of term time.


Whiter Teeth

Tooth whitening is an easy way to improve the appearance of your teeth.
As we get older, our teeth can become darker and this is often increased by drinking tea, coffee, red wine or other food and drink with strong colourings. Another major cause is smoking, which can make our teeth appear discoloured. Decay, fillings and tartar build-up can also contribute to discolouration. If the teeth are damaged through decay or a knock, this can also make the tooth become darker. Some types of staining can be caused by diseases or medicines.

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Cores and Crowns

These can restore discoloured, broken or malformed teeth to their gleaming natural colour and shape. A recent breakthrough in dental technology means that the tooth no longer needs to be cut back. This treatment is painless, quick and can be carried out on the spot without the need for several lengthy appointments, thus dramatically reducing the cost and inconvenience to you.

teeth straightening

Teeth straightening

We offer the revolutionary new "Six Month Smiles" and "Inman Aligner" teeth straightening which is especially suitable for adults and often avoids the need for veneers and crowns.



Veneers are a thin porcelain or composite covering which is bonded to the front surface of the tooth. It completely transforms the tooth's appearance and is done completely painlessly. Everyone who has received this treatment has, without question, been delighted by the results and with its excellent value.



The Practice is unique in the whole country in having a full time Therapist and Hygienist for one dentist. Most adults find it beneficial to visit the hygienist several times a year.
To see what you can do to help, read the prevention advice below.


Fissure Sealing

This involves painting a very strong plastic layer onto the chewing surface of the back teeth, making them tough and resistant to decay and is very effective in young children just after the teeth erupt.



Implants are titanium screws implanted in the jaw replacing a lost tooth thereby avoiding the use of dentures or bridges.



Endodontics is the filling of the root of an abcessed tooth thereby preventing its extraction.



An alternative to dentures for missing teeth and attached to the adjacent tooth.



Regular x-rays are essential if we are to prevent problems occurring.

white fillings

White Fillings

Fillings can now be done to blend with the natural colour of your own teeth, giving a brighter, more confident smile. Some of the new materials are so effective that they are stronger and blend with the teeth perfectly

Prevention is better than cure

Gone are the days when it was accepted that most people would lose their teeth during middle age, or even earlier. Teeth really can be made to last for life if they are given proper care.
My Practice is unique in having one Therapist and one Hygienist to one Dentist. Most adults find it beneficial to visit the hygienist several times a year.
Oral hygiene is an essential part of your dental care and preservation of your teeth. We actively work with you to ensure not only your teeth stay healthy but you gums as well. Without healthy gums, and bone, the teeth have no support and in extreme cases tooth loss can occur.
By following our brushing and dietary advice you will prolong the lifespan of your teeth and ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible giving you a confident smile.

  • Use a fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoid too many sugary snacks and drinks

Relief from Fear and Pain

Fortunately, visiting the dentist is no longer the worrying and often painful experience it used to be. However, please do not hesitate to speak to us should you be particularly concerned.

British Dental Health Foundation will give you more information on dental heath.

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