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MD .... "Best thing I ever did. I should have done it years ago when you first recommended it."

CO .... "Thank you so much for the work on my front teeth. It has meant that at my son's wedding I have the first photo of me smiling. Thank you."

SL-P .... "Wow!! It's fantastic! I could never have anticipated this!"

SR .... "I am so grateful to Bruce and all his staff for all their advice and care. I feel so much more confident when I 'smile' and all the treatment has proved to be a huge improvement to my life!"

HS .... "I have been a patient of Bruce Mayhew for many years. I would not go anywhere else. If you have a problem you get immediate attention and the dentistry is second to none.

I also see the hygienist Kathy who is very conscientious and takes great care. It is a very good practice that I would recommend to anyone."

IB .... "As always the teamwork was superb. Sympathetic people working extremely professionally - what more could you want!"

BU .... "I have been attending this practice for over quarter of a century. I have, without exception, found its staff to be professional, timely, offering up to the minute treatments. It has a friendly customer care that is a 'Gold Standard' that other organisations would do well to emulate. I have always felt that I am getting the very best treatment given with the greatest of care."

DB .... "As I am sure is the case with everyone, visiting the dentist was always a daunting experience for me and never enjoyable. That all changed when I met Halina. She put me at ease for the first time and changed my dentist experience completely. My teeth have never felt better due to the treatment I receive and the tips I am given to care for my teeth myself. Now visiting the dentist isn't so bad at all, especially when you are always greeted with a smile."

EC .... "Fortunately for me, I was eventually recommended in 1990 to Bruce Mayhew. He has replaced all the crowns, re-veneered four teeth, put in place a bridge and built one tooth back into line with the others successfully.

Bruce's work is excellent, he and his staff are skilled and painstaking and I am hugely indebted to them all. Also, I am now actually proud of the way my teeth look!!"

GB .... "With a strong emphasis on 'preventative dentistry' and a philosophy of 'teeth for life'.

From the moment you walk through the door you will find:-
  • A warm, welcoming, friendly staff who genuinely take a personal interest in you, always addressing you by name.
  • A comfortable, aesthetically pleasing reception lounge where you can read the day's papers, watch TV or just relax and admire the tasteful decor.
  • A skilled, confident, positive team providing the highest quality of treatment, advice and care, and a pain free experience."

GM .... "Just a note of thanks for rebuilding my tooth yesterday. Thanks also to Claire. I am delighted with how it looks and feels. The whole procedure was relaxed and pain free and I have had no discomfort since.

Your work is excellent, as always."

HA .... "I have been a patient at Bruce Mayhew's dental surgery for 25/30 years. Throughout this time I have received excellent advice and treatment. I believe they reached the last 6 in England and probably should have been no. 1, the very top. I would recommend this dental team to anyone. They are very professional and very efficient, especially in emergencies."

J B-G .... "I first attended Bruce Mayhew's dental surgery when I was in my 30's. I was informed I had the teeth of a '50 year old' - all very depressing!

Thanks to the excellent care and attention I have received over the last 20 years, however, I am confident that the very best has been and continues to be done for my dental health.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the work of Bruce, Kathy the hygienist and Judith on the telephone, to anyone."

S L-P .... "I must tell you how thrilled I am with my dental work and the way that I - as a very nervous person - was treated through the procedures.

I had discarded the hope of ever being able to smile; it had become something I would stop if I found myself doing it. I would hide my mouth, look away, or smile with closed lips. There are many things we can hide if we are not happy with them, but the mouth is not one of them, and it is something everyone notices. The lack of confidence had seeped into every aspect of my life over many years.

Up until about halfway through the procedure…….., I still, truthfully, did not believe anything could really make a difference. It was too great a leap for my imagination to make.

From the first consultation, the hygiene work, and the discussion of my options, to the Zoom whitening and the final appointment with Bruce for the composite work, I was made to feel welcomed and relaxed, and worth something.

It was rather like being invited to someone's lovely house and the complete professionalism of the team was wonderfully blended with kindness and understanding. The fact that I went through each of the procedures without experiencing a full blown panic attack was in great part due to the ambiance and the empathy of the team.

(Since I have had panic attacks in public, I was almost sure that in a situation where one is lying back in a chair with one's mouth being worked on would trigger one, and I was terrified of creating such a scene.) It was not tablets which aided me, since I only took one for the appointment with Bruce; it was an ongoing feeling of trust, knowing I was being looked after, which, as I say, began with my very first consultation.

I am still euphoric with the results, and think, 'Is that my smile?' I am deliberately stopping myself from covering my mouth, or keeping my mouth closed, which is an old habit. The sense of freedom and confidence cannot be underestimated. I feel as if I no longer want to shut myself away and now I can have videos and photographs taken without feeling ashamed of myself.

I want to thank you for all your work. I was made to feel safe and worthwhile and I am still faintly in shock when I look in the mirror!

This has truly been a life changing experience, and I could never truly thank you enough.

With all my best wishes."

JMc .... "This is to say a huge THANK YOU for making my visit so pleasant. I was very frightened of the dentist and hadn't been for 2 years.

From the moment I walked in to the surgery, Judith began to put me at my ease. She knew who I was and chatted away calmly - I felt my tension ebb away.

Next came Halina who took me off to get me ready for my dentistry work. She too made sure I felt at ease and kept reassuring me that everything was fine.

Anne-Marie was kind and gentle and Bruce talked to me about what he was about to do, then worked so carefully and gently.

Bruce said I would go out smiling - and I did!

Thank you all."

KE .... "This is a very heartfelt thank you for all of your hard work and care. Thanks to your excellent work I can now smile with confidence. Prior to treatment drinking and eating was a difficult affair, even brushing my teeth brought about sensitivity pain. My life has completely changed; I've ditched the straws and am happily embracing ice cream. What I find really amazing is that without seeing pictures of my teeth before acid erosion occurred, you have managed to restore my smile to its former glory, creating a completely natural and unnoticeable finish.

Not only have you restored my smile but you have also restored my confidence in dentists. Your whole team have a very personal approach and take pride in their work which has made me feel secure and safe in your teams' capable hands. I really didn't know that going to the dentist could be so painless.

Truly, thank you so much."

MB .... "It has been 28 years since Bruce first took charge of my teeth. I cannot imagine a more satisfactory relationship. Today my teeth are healthy and I never have to worry about when and where my next appointment takes place. The practice is incredibly efficient.

Thanks Bruce."

MM .... "A lifetime of dreading and delaying dental treatment ended when I was recommended to Bruce's practice. After the running repairs were completed I felt secure enough to discuss improving the look of my very misshapen teeth.

The rather remarkable process was superbly planned and in the event, painless. The result is astonishing and I am just sad that I wasn't here years ago; the art-work speaks for itself and the level of care and detail from all the staff so good.

Lucky me, and thank you."

PC .... "Today is a day of firsts. A trip to the dentist brought the usual fear and trepidation; what a waste of nervous energy. Painless moments watching TV, being pampered and cared for by an absolute hero, to me. My dentist, my hero. This man and his wonderful staff left me overwhelmed with joy and smiles.... a first and never again to fear. My appointment with my friends at the Bruce Mayhew dental surgery. Thank you, thank you, so very much. How much! Brilliant."

SA .... "Kathy you saved my teeth! If the NHS dentist hadn't closed down who knows what state my teeth would be in today. Having never seen a hygienist before, you showed me how to clean my teeth properly and stop my gums from bleeding. Since seeing you regularly my problems are now solved. Once again, thank you."

SG .... "Back in, I believe, 1989/90 when I was in my twenties with huge gaps between my teeth, you gave me a wonderful new smile using composite veneers. You told me at the time they would last about 5 years, I think. Well, nearly 20 years later they are still going strong with only a few minor touch ups! That has to be one of the best investments I ever made! My aunt recommended me to you. Back then I was flitting to and fro to Switzerland. These days I live a bit further afield, I now live in New Zealand, but as I was talking to my aunt at the week-end, it prompted me to look you up and get in touch.

I hope you are keeping well. Judging by your website, I see your practice is still going extremely well!

Wishing you all the best."

WG .... "I have been a patient at Bruce Mayhew's Dental Practice for over twenty years. During that time I have always received excellent treatment from Bruce and my hygienist Kathy.

Under Kathy's watchful eye any problem is immediately reported to Bruce. I am always confident that his advice and treatment is of the highest standard.

Everyone in the Practice is friendly and helpful. I consider myself to be fortunate to have been spared the misery of toothache and any anxiety about visiting the dentist."

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